Hastings to consider Community Center renovations, expansion

Published: Jan. 21, 2021 at 6:27 PM CST
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - The Hastings Community Center could be seeing some expansions under a new plan laid out for the city council.

The center located on West Third Street is also home to the Parks and Recreation Department and the Golden Friendship Center. After feasibility studies, it found there is a need to make the community center ADA compliant and expand for storage and programming.

“The research that they’ve done, the stakeholder interviews as well as making sure to do their due diligence with researching Good Samaritan’s needs and the YMCA,” Development Service Director Lisa Parnell-Rowe said. “They’ve really done a good job of making sure that this is what the community as a whole needs.”

The community center is currently housed in the old armory building which was built in the 1960′s. It will be transformed into a civil and multicultural center.

Projected at about $2.8 million dollars, there would be 9,200 sq ft added on, the parking lot would be paved, and renovations will be done to the old building.

“We can use that space for instructional classes and for fitness,” Parks and Recreation Director Jeff Hassenstab said. “Really we’re looking for that multi-generational aspect for not just seniors but really any age.”

The Golden Friendship Center is housed in the building and they could expand their services and programs. Youth classes and activities could also be added, as well as adding bathrooms and ramps to be ADA compliant.

“It’s meant to be sort of an integrated atmosphere where you’ll have your youth there and then you’ll have your seniors there and they all can integrate and really learn from each other,” Parnell-Rowe said. “It’s multicultural and that’s what we’re really hoping for.”

Hassenstab also said there is a need for space to be rented out for events and groups.

“Space is always limited for everything and so this addition would certainly open up additional space for us to program and some day we would like to look at renting out the facility,” Hassenstab said.

The location for the center was selected due to the building being close to Chautauqua Park, the skate park, and Aquacourt. The city hopes it will become a hub for recreation.

The next steps for the project will be getting city council approval and they will be looking for grants to help pay for the project.

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