A church in Hastings is helping people pay off their utility bill

Forge Church's Ninja Santa Boxes Outreach Program begins.
Forge Church's Ninja Santa Boxes Outreach Program begins.(Ninja Santa Boxes outreach program)
Published: Nov. 16, 2021 at 9:31 AM CST
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HASTINGS, Neb. (KSNB) - A Hastings church would like to be a blessing to folks in the community and they are inviting the public to help them do so.

The Forge Christian Church located in Hastings is hosting its 2nd annual Ninja Santa Boxes outreach program.

Pastor Willie Tryon said the goal of this program is show love to people by making this small gesture.

Pastor Tryon said he and his members fill the Ninja Santa boxes with basic hygiene items as well as a note stating that $50 has been directly applied to the recipient’s utility bill.

“We have church as a verb on our sign out there and the idea that we want to be active in ministry is really important to us. It’s really amazing to see when you have people that rather help than just write a check,” said the pastor.

He goes on to say, “they show up, they pack boxes, they wrap them and they take them out and deliver them.”

Last year, Pastor Tryon said members of his church really enjoyed delivering the Ninja Santa Boxes.

“It was so amazing to see even little kids, when it was the Sunday to go and deliver boxes they were fighting over them. They were saying, we want to take some boxes and parents said this is for other people and they were, yeah, I want to go and deliver presents,” said Tryon.

One person was so honored to receive a box, last year, that he visited the Hastings church and eventually joined one of the church’s ministries.

“One of the guys that’s actually on our worship team is here because he got a box; somebody that he knows comes here and decided that he needed one.” Said Tryon.

Pastor Tryon said they will provide the hygiene products with some help from local sponsors, but said, they need help with finding names and addresses of recipients to help.

They also are asking for cash donations to be able to give out the boxes to 100 people.

Pastor Tryon said everyone is eligible to receive a box, the only requirement is someone needs to submit their name along with an address.

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