Grand Island Salvation Army shelter closes after wave of staff resignations

The closure happened right after four shelter employees walked out after alleged mistreatment by leadership.
Published: Sep. 20, 2022 at 7:48 PM CDT
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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. (KSNB) - The men’s shelter of the Salvation Army of Grand Island has shut its doors due to a staffing shortage.

The closure happened right after four shelter employees walked out after alleged mistreatment by leadership.

One of the four who resigned included, now, former SA shelter director Deny Cacy.

Cacy had worked at the shelter for several years, but alleged verbal and physical assaults are what led him to call it quits.

In Cacy’s letter of resignation he wrote, “The reason for this after seven years is directly related to the blatant bullying and breaks in moral, ethics and policies...” by the SA lieutenants.

He sent his letter of resignation to SA Divisional Headquarters on Sept. 11 and wrote that it went into effect immediately.

“I put all of my blood, sweat, tears and even money into what I’ve done for the last seven years. And to be told the very community that I grew up in, that I had built very strong partnerships with... to have somebody that wasn’t even from here come in and let me know that the community hated me,” Cacy said. “It just sank. I could not believe they had stooped to that level.”

In addition to the supposed verbal attacks, Cacy also stated in his letter of resignation he was, “slapped in the stomach in front of the residents and the monitor.”

He said the monitor in the room with him during the incident was Richard Ross, who also resigned with the others.

Local4 News reached out to former shelter monitor Terry Schnoor, who participated in the ‘walk out,’ to confirm Cacy’s claims. Schnoor said the lieutenants had made insulting comments to him regarding his weight and, ultimately, the mistreatment of staff is what lead to the wave of resignations. He also noted that he showed up around five minutes after Cacy was reportedly slapped in the stomach.

“It was stated that there was a passion of treating people with dignity and respect, which clearly, you know, these last couple months has been completely to the contrary to that,” Cacy said.

Lieutenant Wayne Benedict confirmed to Local4 News the men’s shelter is closed due to a shortage in staff and that four staff members did resign at the same time.

He said, due to legal restrictions, he couldn’t provide specifics on the reasonings behind the staff leave. Lt. Wayne also denied claims of employees being verbally and physically assaulted.

Additionally, Lt. Wayne said the shelter will remain close until enough staff are hired to keep the place running.